Guy Consolmagno on combining religion and science (17-12-2015)

Brother Guy Consolmagno, head of the Vatican Observatory, explains how he combines a love for science with his love for God.

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Can you describe your catholic upbringing? (00:00:00)
What made you become a scientist?  (00:01:46)
Why were you fascinated by Jesuits? (00:04:56)
What generated faith? (00:05:59)
How difficult was it to combine faith and science? (00:08:06)
Still you see that people conflict between faith and science? (00:09:04)
One part of your life is searching data and the other part is living in faith? (00:11:27)
You are saying that as a person or as the chief astronomer?  (00:12:58)
The church has a odd reputation with science... (00:14:22)
What about creationist believing the earth is 6000 years old? (00:17:40)
What is traditional Christianity? (00:20:27)
What is the idea of the medieval view of the universe? (00:21:40)
Is the human being just a speck in an immense universe? (00:23:48)
Why are humans special in the universe? (00:25:54)
Are we the mind of the universe? (00:27:51)
What created the Big Bang? (00:28:20)
What is the meaning of God? (00:33:52)
What kind of parallels do you see between science and religion? (00:34:17)
You describe it as intellectual communities? (00:39:54)
What about biblical miracles? (00:41:28)
What's your job at the Vatican Observatory?  (00:45:41)
Could an artificial intelligence creature have faith? (00:47:47)
Is it conceptually possible that a machine might have faith? (00:51:44)
Will intelligence created out of atoms will be able to have faith? (00:54:45)
Why is alien life (not) possible? (00:57:06)
Is there a reason whether there will be any intelligence elsewhere in the universe? (00:58:45)
What is God's role? (01:03:41)
Is trying to understand God is act of science or act of faith? (01:06:50)
Is there are frontier of our knowledge? (01:10:59)
As a member of the church can you work independently in science? (01:13:20)
What has been your most knowledgeable thought? (01:19:27)
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